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We're not scoundrels; we just do things differently

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Are you a local firm

Yes!  Unlike some businesses offering a discounted percentage, we are not a mock company that passes you on to outside Agents, where we have no control over your service.  if you sign up with Rogues, you stay with Rogues.


Can you just give me access to the MLS?

There are companies offering this gateway service for a rock bottom price.  But for a seller who is not trained to handle contracts, negotiate with Buyers, or manage settlement, this is a rough way to go, often ending in a lower sale price.  And we have seen first hand that Buyer Agents often skip over these listings, not wanting the added work they inevitably take on.  If this is the service you are seeking, you will not have trouble finding it, but it isn't what we offer.


What about those companies offering 1-2% listing fee for full service?

It's an option, but more expensive.  They all have a minimum fee that can vary depending on your asking price.  Yes, you pay extra at Rogues for some services that those other companies provide, but don't be fooled - your total cost is lower with us.  And be leery of any company offering 2% Buyer Agent commission - Agents show what pays and 2.5-3% is the norm.  When they see you are only offering 2%...well, what would you do?!

Real Estate Agent showing house to a young couple wanting to rent it

Will other agents show my listing?

Absolutely! That's why you are still responsible for the 2.5% Buyer Agent fee.  Think that should be paid by the Buyer?  Well, that's a battle for another day!


Won't I get more exposure with a big firm?

We all use the exact same MLS platform as the main tool to market your home.  It's a question of what you want to pay. 

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